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Journey to Success

Hi, I’m Deborah, and I’m both delighted and surprised to have been asked to write about my property journey so far. So, where do I begin? I guess the beginning would be a good place. My property journey began by accident, and it all started when I bought my Mum’s ex-partner out of the property that they both lived in so that she could stay living there. And when she moved out to live closer to us, I then rented the house out on a single tenancy. It has been rented out for around five years now. This has been a really positive experience for me, but I know that this isn’t always the case for everyone.

Around eighteen months ago, my husband decided to attend a property course and he came home full of enthusiasm. He’d learned all the property strategies and everything was so exciting for both of us. I also ended up catching the property bug, and we were both raring to go. However, we were left with one burning question, which was “how do we get the money to do this?”. This was the missing link that wasn’t taught during his training and, it transpired, this “magic key” was reserved for those who had £30k or so to be in their mastermind elite group.

We had a little money in savings, but nothing like what we would need for a deposit, let alone development finance. Everywhere we turned, we just found information about how to buy a property through the conventional channels. This was really all based around having deposits and a salary. I had just left my job of twelve years working for a property company, so every penny counted. Also, my salary wasn’t decent there, so we thought we were completely limited.

I spent the next twelve months, or so, learning all the different property strategies myself. Through this process, I learned about bridging finance and this opened up some new financing options, but we still didn’t have the full picture. Through our training, we also learned that it would be sensible to release the equity that had built up on our buy-to-let to give us some funds for a deposit on another property, which we did. We found ourselves raring to go again, but then, guess what? We were like a ball on a roulette wheel. Which property strategy do we go for? There are so many to choose from. We were literally bouncing around, not making any decisions and, more importantly, not making any progress.

Fast forward to January 2022, when we saw a couple on Facebook, Alex and Abby Lever, who appeared to be very successful with property. We reached out to them and asked if we could have a chat with them. They kindly agreed and we had a call with them. They then told us about the Real Life Group. Our interest was immediately sparked. We Googled it and then booked a two day introductory course at the end of January this year.

This was the best two days we had ever spent on our personal development. Why? Because we realised during this training that there were two missing ingredients preventing our property success. The first of which is having the right mind-set. This was an absolute revelation and I don’t mind sharing that this brought me to tears. The process brought out the fact that my past experiences were stopping me from moving forward. It was an uncomfortable feeling and I felt like I was swimming in uncharted territory. I was frankly scared of where this would all go. My husband had a similar experience too.

The next missing ingredient was that we learned that it is possible to invest in and develop property using little or none of your own money. We decided at that event to commit and go all in and learn more.

We became members of the Real Life Tribe and it has been an absolute game changer. We were immediately welcomed to this unique network of amazing people, who were all at different stages in their property journey. Some are seasoned developers having done huge developments multiple times, some are absolute beginners and don’t yet know all the strategies that are available in property and others like us, who have the knowledge and are getting our first few projects underway. It is in this group that we find support, knowledge, and experience, which people are willing to share. All their work, their approaches, their strategies, they will share documents and processes that they have created, literally everything. I know that this cannot be found anywhere else. It really is a community which works to help each other, selflessly.

We have had first class mentoring by our coach, who is always available if we have any questions or issues. We have been given the knowledge of the importance of goal setting, knowing the outcomes we want and what our overall purpose is. This is the magic key. This is the missing ingredient that many people in life never get the privilege of.

During our initial training, the words “most people never get what they want, because they don’t know what they want” came up so many times. It is this golden nugget that makes the difference between living a mediocre life, existing month to month on a pay cheque, but not even questioning it and being exposed to the knowledge that there is a way to create the life that you dream about. It is possible to achieve financial freedom, time freedom, physical ,emotional, and even spiritual freedom through property and self-development.

Personally, I always knew that I was capable of more, but didn’t know what, or what my true purpose was, or what my real aspirations were. Through this experience with the Real Life Group, I can now say that it has been the biggest shift change I have ever had in my life – and I’m no spring chicken!

We are hugely grateful to have been guided to this community, because we both now know where we are going and why. I have to say that this isn’t a sales pitch at all; it is just me sharing my experience and property journey so far. It is the Real Life Group that has moved us both forward so much further in the last three months than we could ever have achieved without it.

So, thank you Real Life, for changing our life. We will be eternally grateful. Now, onto the next chapter.

Do you want to focus on what you do want in life versus what you don't want?


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