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If You Want to Become a Successful Property Investor…

If you want to become a successful property investor here are some important things you need to learn.

1. It’s okay to work and progress with a deal without having the funding in place.

No money? No problem. That’s what leveraging is for! You can raise finance to fund your deals without needing your own money or a good credit score. As long as you know the perfect strategy and have mastered the formula to find the best deal that works for you, you’re set.

2. Build your network

You can always be successful in Property Investing, but going alone may be more challenging.

That’s why your fellow investors are your strongest allies. Now, there are plenty of ways to build connections. You can network through breakfast clubs, property groups, property meetups in your area or any available events. Always be open to meeting new people because they might share their knowledge on things you don’t know enough of or maybe even give you the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

3. Tell people what you’re doing

Silence may be golden but information is key to success. You never know who you’re going to be running into. Whether you’re pitching a deal to an investor or just having a chat with your dentist, this is always impactful. They invest? Great. They don’t? No problem. You’re already creating a sense of awareness with your business. The right opportunity will come when you start sharing.

4. Document your journey

I’m not talking about bringing a camera wherever you go and vlogging every single moment. But, it is important to build credibility by taking “proof” of your success. This also helps with your property portfolio and especially if you’re brainstorming content for your social media pages. If I knew Facebook and Instagram were going to be a thing, I would have taken so many pictures when I went door to door just to sell. It would also help you gain confidence in being able to visualize how you started and where you are now.

Do you want to focus on what you do want in life versus what you don't want?


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