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How to Create a Profitable Portfolio in 2023

2023 is going to be a magnificent year for many reasons…

The question is what side of the equation will you be on?

History shows that the masses are always very late to the party. Growing up I never had insight to what was going on in the world of money.

And the truth is; you are not going to get that in the mainstream. If it was there, then you would already know about it.

Another challenging part is there is a lag time. This means it takes awhile for things to show up before people realise what is happening. The question is always asked when is the best time to start. I think regarding anything the answer is always going to be now, but people do not want to hear the answer.

They want to hear something that is more comforting like “It’s okay that you miss out on any opportunity. Don’t worry you can always do it later, tomorrow, next year, five years, 10 years..etc.”

The truth is, while everyone else is running in a different direction and less people are getting in the way, now is the time for you to build your business on your property portfolio. The big challenge is when the market is rising all of the time since any person can come into that market and start joining in without really even knowing what they are doing. What needs to happen now is people must know what they are doing because they have to be more creative when it comes to building a business and generating income.

This all comes down to building the lifestyle that you desire.

I have worked with so many people across so many different industries in over 65 countries all over the world. It’s always the ones with the most ability, the most freedom to follow their passion, and those that can do what they love when they have a property business to stabilise their finances.

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