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How to Borrow Money Without Paying Interest

Real talk ... I think it’s very important that we get financially educated. Even the children needs to be financially educated.

photo of a family man reading something on a piece of paper to his 4 children while sitting in their living room feeling relaxed and secure. Their house is big and extravagant.

How else are they going to learn this stuff?

No one else is going to teach it to them.

What it really means is do not pay the interest yourself. This is what it’s called bad debt.

You want to utilise debt where a profit is generated and that profit is what services the payment.

Would you like to create a business and make money doing what you love?

Most people do not even think this is possible. If they did, they would already be doing it.

The biggest thing is the fear of taking on debt. Growing up, most people have been told that this is a bad thing. Pretty much every successful business and I might even go all out and say every successful business has utilised debt or raised capital in some way, on top of the income they generate to get where they need to be.

Netflix started by raising $3 Million!

There are many examples …

Most people just carry on what they’re doing hoping for the best. Living each day working towards the paycheck at the end of the month.

Others start looking for different ways to live their life.

And there are those who are just going to work their ass off.

Either way, if you really want to discover your true potential, getting your money to work for you and utilising other people's money whether it’s from the bank or private investment -- is the best way.

This is what’s going to determine your financial future.

Yours Truly,

Mark Harvey


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