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How Do You Become a Leader?

No one is born ready to launch a business. Can you actually imagine a newborn baby selling his own products to fellow infants in the nursery?

It’s something you learn.

So if you’re interested in becoming a successful business leader, here are 4 characteristics you should always have.

1. Be persistent

Business is not an easy field to venture into. You may experience many failures before

you even bag a win. That’s why it’s important to be persistent in your pursuit of success. As a leader, you need to be an example for your team. You set the tone on how one

should react or bounce back when facing adversity.

2. Have a purpose

Leaders succeed because they have a purpose. Sure, everybody wants money but the impact it should have in your life is more important than earning money. If you have no “why”, what happens when you actually get the money? What then? Your business becomes meaningless and you won’t be able to sustain your happiness.

3. Be a good follower

This one is a no-brainer but still often overlooked by many. Entrepreneurs that don’t know how to follow will find it very tough to lead because they can’t take feedback. If you think you’re always right, you won’t be able to see past the mistakes and what needs to be improved. Be open and accepting of feedback so you can keep growing.

4. Create other leaders

A good leader doesn’t just create followers, they mold others to become leaders in their own field. They inspire, motivate and empower others to become independent and accountable in their work.

5. Seek to improve

A leader takes something and makes it better. Take it again, and make it even better. You’re always improving and always adjusting to the changes of the world. You can always foresee future problems and become critical thinkers so you can prevent it from happening or can know how to manage it.

Do you want to focus on what you do want in life versus what you don't want?


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