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Good Debt vs Bad Debt; Why Get Into It at All?

When I hear people say they want to be “debt free”, I just think WHY??!! 🫣⁣

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I think the main reason people think this is because they are just taught by their parents and they are definitely not taught in the school system on how to utilise debt.

I even used to think the same thing that I did not want that.

Until I realised what I really wanted and it was that I don’t want any debt other than that paid by others.

What does this mean?

An example would be that I utilise debt from the bank normally around 75% of the value of a property and the rest of the money I get from private finance. Then, the debt would all be paid by either the sale of the property or the rental income that is paid by the tenants.

If I was to utilise debt to invest in my company to expand it, then produce the product and service the sales income from the customers with and also service the debt…

If you ask most people, do they want money? What do you think the answer would be? It would be yes, right? And why do they want money? If you keep asking questions, it would boil down is that they want money to be able to exchange it for an experience, whether that will be an experience in a home they want to live in or a car they wanna drive, a holiday they want to go, on clothes they want to buy, a restaurant they want to go to, a date night they want to take their spouse on, a sporting event they want to visit, a music concert or whatever else is on the list.

Well if that is the case then debt is money!

Because debt can also be an exchange for all of these experiences.

The problem for most people is that they would take on this debt and then be paying it off themselves.

A smart way to work is to utilise debt to invest in an asset that is going to pay you money. That money is then used to service the debt as well as create a profit for you.

Now more than ever with a massive increase in products, services, food, utilities, and just about everything, the prices are going up. And if your income is not going up, this is going to cause a big squeeze.

Learning how to utilise debt to generate income as a profit as well as service the debt is absolutely key. Many people can even do this with their own home that they live in.

You can do it with other peoples homes that you rent out!

You can even do it with other businesses.

It’s time to start your path to business and Property Wealth and understand the strategies to cultivate the mindset to be able to take the action to go from 0 to £2 MILLION - £10 MILLION.

Yours Truly,

Mark Harvey


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