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Your Health Is Your Wealth!

So, as you know, I am an A&E doctor. I am spending 2 days every week dealing with patients of all ages that are presented to the Emergency Department with varied illnesses and accidents. On the accident side, some of them could have been prevented, but very few.

On the other hand, on the medical side of the cases, MOST of them could be prevented!

The greatest epidemic now is the epidemic of carelessness. People rarely really care about their health these days, unfortunately. The only time I see people caring about their health is when they lose it, and it hurts to see this.

Every illness brings a limitation. And this can be either physical, emotional, or sometimes even both. The look in the eyes of the patient with irreversible illness is not a pleasant one. The hopelessness is overwhelming, and it hurts me to see this knowing that nearly everything is preventable!

Look, we all have 120 years in ourselves. And they could be 120 years with full mobility, and a fully functional brain, enjoying life, travelling, creating joy, and bringing wisdom into the lives of future generations. How wonderful does this sound?

We need to wake up and stop punishing ourselves every day with no exercise , no social life, processed food, bad sleep, alcohol, and cigarettes. We need to invest in our health, learn how to cook, how to share meals with friends, exercise every day with the uttermost joy, and BE PRESENT in our happiness so we avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and sugar as the only Dopamine burst sources!

It all starts with an intention, so what is your intention? Popping tablets out of the blister packs or going to play tennis with your grandchildren? Think about it, it is all in your power! The NHS cannot help you! You have to help yourself first! All we can do is reduce the symptoms long enough so we can give you a slightly better quality of life. The great majority of your health is in YOUR hands!

Do you want to focus on what you do want in life versus what you don't want?


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