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The Most Valuable Asset You Could Have

Think of your body as a well-oiled machine.

A machine can perform great. It does the job. And above all, it can do it in the most efficient way possible.

Your body also has the potential to do all these things.

But much like a machine, your body needs constant care and maintenance. If you treat your machine poorly, and constantly neglect the repairs that it needs, then it will surely eventually break down on you.

Your body is the same, except unlike a machine, you might not be able to repair the damage that it incurs. Not to mention how if a machine were to break, then you could simply just go out and get another one.

You can’t buy another body. The only body you have is the one you’re born with.

Your body is like a machine. But it’s also like a precious mineral.

Regular maintenance.

Naturally, maintaining your body’s condition is essential to making sure that you’re always at peak performance.

Even the best luxury sports cars in the world start to show signs of failing if not taken proper care of.

Even the slightest of issues can cause problems.

It is in our best interest, both performance wise and healthwise, to constantly get checked.

Regularly visiting our doctor whenever something feels wrong.

Always taking medicine or anything of the sorts on time.

Having a detox every now and then.

Prevention is better than cure.

But of course, we aren’t exactly like machines. Rather than wait for something bad to happen before trying to fix things, it would be significantly better to just avoid those from happening from the start.

This means making sure we exercise regularly, that we have a balanced diet, and that we stay away from any activities that may be detrimental to our health.

Trying to get cured after the fact is simply a band-aid solution. Staying healthy in the long run requires a complete overhaul of one’s habits and general overall lifestyle.

Health in the long run.

Beyond the ability to perform better at work and being more productive overall, investing time, money, and effort into living healthily and staying in shape simply has a lot of positive effects in our life.

Especially if you take the extra steps to prevent any illnesses and injuries, you’ll be spending much less money for visits to the doctor’s clinic and for buying medicine.

Sure, it costs money to go to the gym and choose the healthier options at the grocery, but trust me, you’d rather spend that money on salads and memberships than on a hospital room.

Not to mention how being sick will make you even less productive, as you’ll have to take time off of work to get better.

It’s the same concept for getting surgeries. If you ever overwork yourself or abuse your body to the point of needing a surgery, then you’d be out of commission for even longer.

Not just days or weeks, but whole months.

All that effort to stay healthy will also reflect your lifestyle much later in your life. Staying in shape will help you stay physically active and involved even in your older ages. This applies to both physically and mentally.

Think of all of the money you’re spending on your health as investments as well, because they most definitely are.

Your body is one of, if not the most valuable assets you have at your disposal.

It is valuable in the sense that it is both the most useful tool, and the most finite resource in your life.

Taking care of your body is a simple task that should be done regardless of your business interests.

Nothing should ever come before your own health, and nothing is worth ever sacrificing your health for.

Not even all the money in the world could amount to how much your life is worth.

If you’re willing to spend thousands in upkeep for your house or your car, then why not your body?

Do you want to focus on what you do want in life versus what you don't want?


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