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The Art of Letting Go

We humans can get quite prideful for all sorts of reasons.

Sometimes, it’s because of all of the achievements that we’ve spent years building up. And sometimes, it can just simply be our blood relations.

Whatever the reason is, it would be best to not let all of these get into our head.

Your ego can greatly affect your life in negative ways if it gets too out of hand.

It has multiple ways of inhibiting growth, both that of your business and of your very own.

If history has taught us anything, it’s that your ego will be your biggest downfall.

Ego and other people.

Thinking too highly of yourself, which is usually a sign of an overinflated ego, will get in the way of your business interests.

This will greatly hamper your view of other people, even if it’s not in direct relation to yourself.

You might fail to recognise the talents of others, or you might simply value the work of other people much less.

This is very detrimental to a property investor, as cooperating with other people, and getting the best professionals for the job is an essential part to a successful project.

The greater your ego is, the worse your collaborative skill will be.

Ego and the self.

You might not notice it, but having an ego also gets in the way of your personal growth.

It makes you too prideful to admit your own shortcomings. It also prevents you from recognizing your mistakes, which takes away the chance of learning from them and from it contributing to your self-development.

Being too full of yourself will also make you more sensitive and emotional towards matters involving the self.

Anytime you feel insulted, even if there is no reason to, the damage it deals to your ego will greatly interfere with your ability to make logical and rational decisions.

And the bigger your ego is, the worse the situation will be.

Letting go.

It goes without saying that the best solution for this predicament is to simply let go of your ego. This is a very important step in your spiritual journey.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should become a spineless investor, or become a mere puppet that just follows whatever they’re told to do. It means that you should try to humble yourself a little bit more, and that can be as simple as recognizing that the world doesn’t revolve around you.

All it takes is a little self-awareness; to be able to recognize that you too have your own flaws. Accepting these flaws is a key step, but it first requires you to recognize what your mistakes even are.

A little empathy for other people also goes a long way.

The more you understand other people, the more you’ll understand why your ego gets in the way, and the better you’ll be able to work with them.

What it does to the heart and mind.

Letting go of your ego will also bring you more peace in your life.

Without an ego, or at least with a much smaller one, you will be able to better manage your feelings and remain impartial in whatever decision you have to make.

There will be significantly less pain in your life too, as a hurt ego will affect you much less overall. You’ll be able to take constructive criticism without taking it personally, and this greatly contributes towards one’s self improvement.

It will be easier to make a clear separation between your work and your personal life and draw where the line is yourself.

You’ll also be able to detach yourself from superficial things, and be able to remain focused on the things that actually require your full attention.

Don’t let your pride get the best of you.

If you let it dictate your actions and your way of thinking, there will be constant discord in your life and relationships with other people.

For as long as you let your ego control you, you will lack clarity in your life. You will never find fulfillment.

Learn to let go of your ego, and it will let go of you as well.

Live without ego, but stay true to your heart. That is the key to connecting with your inner self and with others..

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