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How I Came to Understand the 5 Freedoms

This is my article on how I came to understand the 5 freedoms after questioning my own existence several times.

Trying to be happy, to get liked, to please others, and being an empath was certainly not an easy task for most of my life, as I displayed a cosmic energy and frequency throughout my childhood and adulthood that unconsciously, I knew absolutely nothing about.

What I knew was that I saw myself growing up to be super sensitive. Sensitive to certain smells, perfumes, chemical detergents, and even to certain energies (people). I was highly intuitive and an overthinker. I was the workaholic, the wanna-help-everyone type, the giver, the one that felt sorry for everything and everybody including the “special people”. Those included the disabled, the nerdy, the weird, and the elderly. Both male and female.

I could never sit still as a child and teenager, I was restless and nervous most times. I felt deep inside my soul there was more to me than what I have been taught by my mother and grandmother, school teachers, bosses, etc. By feeling this, I had this desire of telling myself and others something deeper that I could not see, feel, or hear was licensed inside of my mind, but I did not know how to put it into words.

I grew up crying a lot for a good part of my childhood not understanding certain behaviours or unjust actions from others but disguising it phenomenally well because my heart made me feel and act differently than my actual feelings.

I came from a poor background myself, mum and grandma raised me to be well-mannered as my father abandoned me, my brother, and my mother. We lacked everything that a father could give to a child and family so seeing mum struggling, made me sharp but compassionate, I guess I wanted to give others what I didn’t have myself, I just wanted to grow up fast, be and think rich to help my family myself and others so I told myself that I never to be poor little I knew what poverty meant for real.

I thought I could make it fast in life if I skipped childhood and teenage enjoyment. So to compensate for the child in me lacking everything, I was to start work at the age of 13 so I could buy stuff and help myself and my family.

From there I married young, had a child at just 15, got divorced at 17, and started to get chronic migraines and chronic fatigue at just the age of 22 and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a label that I’ve carried most of my life.

I adopted a masculine energy to somewhat attract the best connections during a period of my life making my life and my family a hard one to digest! I have gained a lot of wisdom during my twenties, always mixing with older people. I resonate better with them. And the fibromyalgia bit was in my mind on the back seat but my physical body was displaying it well.

But shutting down and blocking all the pain from not being able to enjoy childhood and overworking my body with this “incurable illness” stated by the doctors. I spent part of my life doing more than the average person, consumed with what if my body, spirit, and mind mask this, and I can faster achieve success. I now recognise that then I was becoming bitter, not better. And I was also consumed with anger; something again that I was very good at disguising from the outside because I know, felt, and saw others, including friends and family looking up to me as when I’ve entered a crowded place to display divinity and to feel guided and protected because there was a certain light coming from inside out that others could see clearly even stating that my presence “lighten any room.” And with all my physical and mental challenges my light was always shining brighter than others and I certainly contaminated everything and everyone with positive energy and high vibrational frequency.

I could not recognise at the time that my high energy attracted all my past successes and also my ignorance attracted “the I am almost there kind of thing.” After all, I always operated from the heart, a connection that I came to understand much later in life that got me through the hard times every time.

Some characteristics and qualities that I possess were displayed by my affectionate actions towards others, a gift from above that I was born with but making nothing of it until 2/3 years ago when I was tricked by universal plans that I certainly did not manifest for myself.

I lived the past 47 years before my (enlightenment), my awakening and awareness become to display certain patterns even stagnation in my business and I’ve wondered why I developed sickness, anxiety and so much anger and stress I just was not that child once upon a time and certainly not this person that I started to adopt even though others would never see that in me, I have now started to develop a “hate myself” sort of attitude and instead of becoming better I was just becoming bitter.

My normal human behaviour with my rational thinking was that I deserve love, appreciation and acceptance. Is it what we all want?

Again I worshipped the money, the good things that “I thought to be my birthright with reason” and engaged myself with every platform possible to make it “Wealthy again” this was to be; silver, gold, oil, cryptocurrencies, and property even, after feeling sorry for my losses after my divorce (something that I was denning responsibility for) my naive self was playing for a race of achievements and I starting to see them as my best friends. After all, everyone is in that race.

To be honest and understand how comfortable I can talk openly about what I become to understand feels like, I started to abandon all my previous knowledge (the earthly one) and I had to crucify all my EGOS then gradually cosmic knowledge become to appear me specifically download into my mind's eye every full moon.

My experience of the five freedoms started to show in my own reality as I now totally understand how to live free from every angle without thinking, is this something that I could have learned from someone if I pay a load of money?

If you’ve read up to this point, let me tell you the next part will blow your mind as it blew mine in such a way that I was able to, for the first time ever, understand life to the fullest and my own existence here in this earthly realm, this time round with my own guidance using my wisdom My GOD within my I AMNESS and not by following old programming those included churches , government, organisations or qualified Gurus or teachers, I understood about past life conditioning and programming I had to start shifting paradigms if I wanted to become my best version. I had to de-program all that I learned at school and with shock to others my cosmic knowledge started to surface gradually in this physical vessel and get noticed by others with me trying less, selling nothing, hence displaying only a few life changes such as disconnecting totally in order to connect deeply.

How disconnecting from 3D (3D is everything that is program based, fear-based) helped me achieve the much talked about 5 freedoms.

To explain well, I have to make you understand that the mind and emotion are tied together.

As we spend most of our lives inside of our heads (mind), The mind is a state sort of speaking, this state it’s called consciousness (and we do have various states) so there’s more than one consciousness there is more than one state and this state /s are deeply suppressed here on earth so we can’t remember anything before birth. Emotions are just feelings (impressions) but not even that, emotions are what we give thought to but emotion is not even real, emotions are sometimes what we think we feel but we actually don’t. In reality, we just stay there to make us believe there is a feeling of a thought ongoing; like how I was told I had fibromyalgia by the doctors, so I gave thought to that and in my mind I was sick! I believed that I was sick for life and my mind was believing in what I was told by a qualified professional doctor.

But the only real thing in my thoughts was the mind itself. I had to be emotional and mind clear of that old programming to load up a brand new quantum program into my emotional mind. I have gained knowledge and wisdom about quantum life in my sleep, and in every full moon, I was downloaded with a deeper understanding of my very own quantum being.

I become mind and emotional free when I understood that if everyone’s vail was lifted just like one click and imagine us knowing all our past lives the good the bad and the ugly, how could most of us operate in perfect functionality if this veil was to be lifted and we got showed that we all have been, at some point before this very existence, murderers, drug dealers, prostitutes gangsters, or any malignant humans, but now displaying other better versions (not yet perfect) the very reason for coming back is clearly for striving into more perfection as we all chosen and promised to improve ourselves this time round we just can’t remember. How could most of us operate in perfect functionality if this veil was to be lifted? Can you imagine how many of us would not even consider staying here for long? Although time is non-existent in the quantum realm, to be able to live with our own guilt, shame and embarrassment would be such that most of us could not find it bearable in this very little time on earth for sure.

When my cosmic downloads started to show up I’ve seen all those ugly versions of me then I understood in order to stay emotionally and mind free a lot of work needed doing.

Undergoing some deep cleaning of the wounded child was something that I needed to start working on, I had to be healed after experiencing some deep stuff that was coming in dreams (when my body was at rest I astral travel and I’ve seen other versions of me) and the dark night of the soul took place every morning for about 3 consecutive months. I just remember crying the same way I used to cry when I was a child.

I have intensively loaded and released all that unwanted trauma from past lives, and all that crying in childhood was for the very first time clear. To be emotional and mind free I spent a good amount of time with mother Gaia, I sat with my (every single emotion) and just let it be.

I forgive myself for all that I was and all that I have been and all the ignorance that I believed and was told by past generations, all had to be gone and released, I even went to a cathedral to revoke all my church contracts (baptism and so on to become spiritual free )

I understand this subject could be shocking for some, but to become emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, and financially free has got nothing to do with what we learn from teachers, Gurus, organisations and so on.

To be able to attain the 5 freedoms is to understand the connection between all things and to understand that we are water, we are fire, we are wind, we are earth and we are void, we are a black whole, we are light, we are dark, we are Yin and yang, we are strong and weak, we are both angels and devils, we are good and bad, we are blessed and cursed .

Our own very eyes have veins like the tree branches, our hands have veins like a storm, the fruits and most things we eat and see have secret geometry inside, we are so deeply connected to one another that our minds attract our vibration, we think and act as we are either operating in our lower self, higher or master self!

Physical freedom can’t be attained if there’s a blockage in the emotional or mental freedom as well as spiritual. Emotions can’t be attained if we are deeply rooted and connected to greed! Greed is not financial freedom as I will expand on further below.

I buy a scratch card, and if I am aligned in much luck, there is not just one prize. It’s happened to me several times after testing my own higher version, as the universe has so much money but we just don’t know how to make money. We believe that we must work 9 to 5 to obtain it, but with cosmic knowledge and alignment, we can obtain more than one winning ticket. In fact, I’ve started to see many akashic records of me to understand now why I always had these synchronised events that lead my mind and emotional freedoms to take place leading to the spiritual, physical, and even financial freedom.

To be spiritual free is not to be trapped in self-made or man-made religions or to live like a monk and spend 12 hours a day meditating. To be spiritual free is to understand who we are as multinational beings that are consistent only by light energy and LOVE!

Yes, we are love but we forget that because the veil is suppressed for the bad past lives but also for the Good heavenly beings that we are. Imagine the world temporarily remembering what we are for real (JUST LOVE) how do you think we would be towards one another?

Would we have competition between us? Would we be jealous of each other? Would we have anger, greed, poverty and unhappiness?

We spend most of our lives trying to be happy. We think it’s tomorrow when I get to live at home, or when I buy a car or a helicopter or when I get married or when we have children or when we have a business or something else! We forget the now moment because in reality if you knew that all that existed, exists and will exist is actually now, none of us needed to come here to learn and grow intact on this earth. The school of learning was not even needed.

To understand all the 5 freedoms I’ve started with the basics and I hope after reading my own very article I can inspire some of you to understand what you really are!

The first step to all freedoms is to start to operate from your HEART! Not just the heart that you think you know … there is this beautiful sacred heart inside of us that leads us all to financial and spiritual freedom, I say this because again they are tied together like the emotional and the mind freedoms.

To my very own shown knowledge, we didn’t come here to suffer or to pay bills. The earth is free and all the materials are self-sufficient. We just don’t know this. We are born rich, all of us, we just don’t know how to make money and we follow pendulums and falsely protect the modern teachers because we are not using our highest version. In fact, we have our very own internet but we can’t even connect with the real one. That is underneath our feet. As above and below we can’t even imagine what it is like to start sending love to ourselves, to heal our wounded child, and to release any unwanted emotions that lead us to believe that we needed acceptance. We needed to be liked or loved.

I was that ignorant child and I wanted and asked the universe more as I always believed there was more than this mortal physical flesh. With that in mind again and this time operating in my best version when all the freedoms came to the surface I remember a quote from the bible (the bible is our own/my own autobiography) Mathew 7:7 - Ask and shall be given to you; seek and ye shall find. I needed to show more of myself as I saw if Christ can, I can!

With that, I was shown all my existing egos, the ongoing ones, the ugly ones and they all had to go and be crucified!

Understanding mind and emotional freedom lead me to physical freedom and spiritual one.

To succeed at physical freedom for me was the most difficult one for sure, I did not understand that to be physically free I had to spiritual understand my human power!

Trying and trying in front of the mirror with powerful affirmations ( I am not sick, I am not sick, I am not sick ) repeating the Nikola Tesla way in 3,6 and 9’s was not enough it was actually just not working I was failing miserably so I was to be shown again that the universe is connected to all things and everyone is me and all the plants and animals and flowers and rocks and oceans are all inside of my own very make.

As mentioned above I now know I’ve made of Ether; this is I am the cosmos the firmament,

The paradise, the sky, the moon, the stars, the sun, the ocean, the celestial!

I know this article is long but I’m trying my best to summarise all that was given to me for free!

And so my mind's eye kept expanding as I became receptive to surrender as I did not understand why people like me get stagnant for a while, why people like me were born into a poor family, little did I know how actively and actually rich we are!

When I meditated and did deep breathing at times, more patterns from childhood started to surface. Growing up in this bitter world of traumatic people and wounded children like me I forgot how to operate from the heart (the sacred heart I spoke above) and this very reminder came to light.

This time round everything was to be different as I use the states ( consciousness as if, what if I am healthy? What if this multidimensional being is quantum and this light and energy is the only existence, what if my imagination took place now, what if I can start acting the “Neville Goddard style” and see myself healthy and ditch medication for good as this is, after all, a placebo and it’s not connecting with my real self my Master Version?

I’ve asked my brother to start noticing my very few attempts to be in a healthy-forever kind of state as I’m supernatural “Joe Dispenza way” and one day after the other I acted, staged and played that very healthier version that I am. I stayed in the gold zone, vibrating high every day, not giving thought to the mind programming of the old version of me, and within about 9 to 11 months, my migraines and pain completely shifted out of my body.

I had nights when I was visited by the beings of light and it felt like they were doing some cosmic surgery on my neck and back.

I was developing a higher knowledge deeply connecting with source and I am now finally accepted and achieved the physical freedom that I so much was after. This is not possibly happening to me, right? Well, let me tell you that this can happen to absolutely everyone.

I even become to heal others and I facilitated many treatments for some tribe members and others without them knowing or understanding.

I have accepted my call as not everyone is here to be rich in money as such, this very subject of financial freedom also came to the surface as spiritual freedom was now totally on display.

I understand now what is to be financially free as I have things in me that no amount of money can buy. I wake up being super grateful for all that I am all that I have and all that is yet to come! I am so financially free that I don’t have any attachments to earthly thighs. My soul is naked and so is my body. I watch the sunrise when I want, I watch the sunset when I want, I work when I want, I do what I want, and I feel happier than ever.

I was promised by the source that I would always be provided and so far since my awakening, all that is needed is always at hand I just manifest as long as it is for my highest good and for my soul's evolution.

I developed my best version, not worrying about tomorrow, sickness, bills, businesses, or being accepted. I don’t even care what others think of me. I’m never jealous, never intimidated, and never in competition. I have gained my own very blessings. I have attained all the freedoms and I don’t live behind the mask anymore.

I leave a blessing to all that read this article. May you attract and attain this knowledge yourself, may you connect telepathically with my hologram and attach yourself to my frequency. As we are all one what is mine is yours.

With loads of love,

Leah from Lyra (known here as Liliana)

Do you want to focus on what you do want in life versus what you don't want?


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