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An Engineers’ Ambition

Picture this. You’ve worked at a company for years, earning yourself a high-ranking position with a stable source of income, and you’ve generally had a fulfilling career. But one day, you wake up and think to yourself “maybe this isn’t what I want.”

Reid served as a level 3 engineer at Rolls-Royce. There, he would build engines for major companies, like Airbus, Fly Emirates, and British Airways amongst many others. One might even say he’d had it all. He was financially secure, and made enough to support his loving wife and two kids after all.

But to Reid, there was more to life than just working to get by. He knew that his pension wouldn’t be enough for the lifestyle he wanted. And there was also the psychological impact it had on him. Despite being generally considered by his company as a valuable asset, he couldn’t help but feel like he was just “another guy sitting on a chair.” And over the course of 20 years, that became more and more evident as it slowly chipped away at him spiritually and mentally. “I thought this isn’t working, I need to do something else,” Reid said. And that’s when property investment came into his life.

Dive down the rabbit hole

When Reid first found out about property investment, he was immediately interested. He was obsessed, even. He spent day and night reading articles, attending talks and webinars, and watching YouTube videos. He found his ticket out of his monotonous, restrictive life, and he wanted to know more.

Reid found himself attending live courses. His first one was a 2-day event where they drilled the absolute basics and fundamentals into him. “Going into that course, I was mind blown.” Reid said. He had learned so much at that course that he didn’t know before, that he was amazed to think that he had missed out on this all his life.

But the opportunities didn’t stop there. A few days after the event, Reid started to go out to network and to learn from other investors. And one day, when he opened his Facebook, he had received a friend request and a message from an investor who would soon become his mentor. Sam Elgie.

Becoming a part of the Tribe

Sam was the perfect person for Reid to meet. Aside from the fact that he was an actual experienced investor, he also lived in Derby, so Reid can meet up face to face with him at any time.

Sam then invited him to join Real Life, where he could surround himself with a community of like minded people who he could learn from. Sam living close by and being available to ask questions gave him the confidence to believe that it really was real, and that this could finally be his big break. And for the first time in his life, he finally had the courage to face the unknown with the Tribe by his side.

A calculated risk

Reid started out doing Rent to Rent, slowly building up a portfolio of 30 units, and slowly building up enough cash flow so he could leave his job. He did this for a while, until eventually, around the start of the pandemic, he made enough money to make his first purchase; a house next to the hospital in Derby.

For some people, the pandemic paralysed their business or/and life. But for Reid? He took this as a change to grow his portfolio. This was his fresh start.

At that moment he knew. All of his hard work and sacrifices were slowly starting to come to fruition. And as if God himself sent a sign that it was time, Rolls Royce was offering voluntary severance as they needed to downsize during the pandemic. Naturally, he volunteered, receiving a huge lump sum which he reinvested.

If anything, it was a calculated risk. He waited for the right moment to leave his job and become a full time investor. But it wouldn’t have been possible without his drive and ambition to make it work.

The journey so far and the journey to come

Today, Warren Reid has raised around a little over half a million in investor finance, and boasts a portfolio worth £1.4 million. Now, he earns a monthly cash flow of about £5,500.

“It took a while to get there,” Reid said. “It started out with me and a piece of paper.”

In just 2 years, through the pandemic no less, Reid was able go from an inexperienced beginner to a successful investor. Now, he employs advanced strategies, works in competent teams, and even sets up systems to make everything streamlined when dealing with construction, tenants, and maintenance.

Reid looks back at the day Sam reached out to him and guided him, and is grateful to him and the whole team. Now, as a member of the Real Life tribe, he’s more than ready to face the unknown moving forward.

It all started with an Engineer and his ambition.

Do you want to focus on what you do want in life versus what you don't want?


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