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Give More, Be More

Hi there,

Mark Harvey is a man who knows the importance of not knowing enough. That’s why he has dedicated his life to educating others.


When his first son, Theo, was born at 27 weeks, he travelled back and forth to the hospital for five months. Once his little boy had been discharged and ready to come home, he promised himself that he would make a difference not just to his children but to children all around the world.


Mark aims to mould the minds of young children with the mindset, knowledge and skills he has acquired from building his property wealth.  Information that they can actually apply to all facets of their life.

If you believe in the Real Life mission and you’re interested in joining Mark to achieve this, visit the link below. Every pound counts!

 How Can I Help? 

Well-Being & Education Centre

For the Children and Younger Generation. A Charity for Education. Start 'Em Young!

Whilst training the people that came to Real Life Group, we realised that a lot of what was stopping them, were beliefs they picked up during childhood. This is why we set up the Real Life Wellness and Education Centres, this is a charity that educates children and teaches them key life skills that are essential to a successful and fulfilled life.

Join Mark in empowering the current and future generations through the most important but often overlooked tool - education. In 2021, Mark became the leading visionary in creating the WEC; a non-profit foundation that aims to teach practical skills, mindset & abilities that will assist them in their Real Life. WEC is a part of Real Life’s mission to make every being on the planet free. It is best for learning to start at a grassroots level, so that our children will have a lot of time to develop and improve these different skills. The team is currently working on scaling the WEC centres for its programs to be more accessible to children across the world.

 Can I bring my child to the event? 

Contact us at for more information.

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