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Your Children Don’t Deserve Your Wealth

What’s the benefit of leaving things to your children?

Security? Stability? Satisfaction?

Most people work hard to pass over generational wealth and that’s entirely up to them.

However, I’ve come to a decision that I don’t want to turn over anything to my children – not my business, my assets nor my wealth.

If they want to contribute to my mission, they can decide to be part of it by working their way up. They will need to get involved and start being proactive.

But if they want to venture into other projects, that’s for them to decide. I’ll just be there to support and encourage.

Why? Because I want them to be able to create for themselves.

I built everything I have now, and even if I lost it all, I would know how to rebuild from scratch.

How are you supposed to keep winning when you don’t know how you got there in the first place?

Instead of material wealth. I want my children to inherit the mindset, knowledge and skills I have acquired from building my property wealth.

Information that they can actually apply to all facets of their life.

That is the legacy I’m passing on to my children.

Do you want to focus on what you do want in life versus what you don't want?


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