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What’s the Best Investment?

The question everyone always asks is “what’s the best investment?”.

Is it crypto? Stocks? Bonds? You might think that as a property investor, I would say property, but actually, the best investment you could make is yourself.

Whether you’re an average salaryman working, someone living paycheck to paycheck, or even a well-off businessman, one thing you have in common is that you’re all human. And because we’re human, we only have one body; one life.

Another thing in common might be how all three of you would be working while trying to be as productive as possible. This could mean either long hours, busy schedules, skipped meals, etc.

Neglecting your health can have a lot of adverse effects in the long run. Although you might not feel it now, when it does come, it will hit hard.

The main suspects.

There’s not a single person on earth who doesn’t know how important it is to stay healthy, and yet, the majority choose to do otherwise.

For some, it’s not a matter of choice, as it may truly be a lack of available resources, but even amongst those with access to the best facilities, a good number still opt to neglect their body’s needs.

I’m talking about the CEOs, the investors, and the businessmen who usually have an abundance of time yet choose to spend most if not all of it on further growing their business or portfolios.

The biggest losses.

Overworking is like playing with fire. On one hand you can maximise the profits you’d make in one day or whatever period of time you’re doing it.

It’s true that time is limited, but by pushing your body to the absolute limits now, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure in the future. And I mean more than just your venture failing. Your body could end up failing you one day.

If you don’t take care of your eyes, you might lose your eyesight. If you spend too much time sitting uncomfortably in your office, you might end up getting irreversible spine damage. If you have a terribly unhealthy diet, you might get heart problems.

All of these will be very big losses to you, and no amount of money gained could ever make up for it. And no amount of financial loss, no matter the scale, could ever compare to what it would be like.

Take a deep breath.

Take a break. Relax. You deserve it. And you definitely need it.

Take a day off. Regularly take long breaks. Stand up and do some light stretches every now and then.

Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean less time to work, but it means more time for you overall.

You are investing in your health. Much like a precious item, you are taking good care of your body so that it lasts longer. So that it stays in a good condition over a long period of time.

If you take more breaks, eat healthier food, and spend more time doing exercises, you’ll be able to stay more active for longer.

Not just live longer, but also be able to retain a lot of your wellness as you age.

Invest a lot more into yourself, and in turn, gain a lot more.

Money can’t buy you a second life after all.

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