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What’s Happening in the UK Property Market?

What is happening in the UK property market right now?

It is very hard to see from the surface what is really going on. Listening to the news, watching things on social media, it’s not really gonna give you a true picture sorry to break the news to you.

A lot of people, whether it’s a strategy or not, have said they want to wait. I don’t know what they are waiting for but I suppose there is no right or wrong here.

One thing I am very well aware of is missing opportunities. Not getting the right advice, not hanging around with the right people allowing fear to get the better of me was a large part of my early life. Especially after all of the back all of the job interviews that turned me away and many times that I seem to not get my way.

In 2017 many people said it was not the right time to invest in property. They said that the HMO market was saturated. They said it was not a good time to do flips as people may not buy houses they said not to take on too many things. They said Brexit is a big problem and it’s gonna cause issues and things won’t work out. They said things are gonna go wrong and stick to what you know. They said they were glad they didn’t invest because of the pandemic and the people that are investing made a big mistake.

These are all the things that I’ve heard time and time again. But wasn’t it crazy? Most people, especially the ones in our community who were investing at that time have quite so many properties and made so much money it is a wonderful site. I can’t imagine for all those people they didn’t start those years ago.

But now there are a whole host of other things that are challenges that people are saying why not to invest. But again in the next 2 to 3 to 4 to 5 years the same thing is going to happen once again. Those people look back and say wow I’m glad I started then and didn’t wait till now like everybody else.

Why is that? Well like I said at the start it’s hard to tell what’s going on from the surface you have to be in it. And when you are in it you are fully aware of how things are working from job to job from Property to Property from deal to deal.

The compound effect is taking place where do you know about it or not. Either you are compounding towards building something awesome and massive. Oil compounding allows it to slip away.

My love goes out to all of the people that are finding it difficult. The truth is they are just feelings and those feelings are there for all of people whether they have lots of money or don’t have any money is it or whether they have a business or don’t have a business whether they invest in property or don’t invest in property. So the way I see it I’m going to have them feelings either way so I’d rather have those feelings as well as having the choice to be able to do what I want with my family when I want it and work on things that I love doing.

We have lots of free resources on the Real Life University app. As well as the Mark Harvey YouTube Channel and the Real Life website.

I want to help as many people as possible to start living on purpose find their passion and pass it forward.

Our mission is there every being on the planet is free financially physically mentally emotionally and spiritually.

And to create the ultimate environment to work rest and play.

That’s what the real life hotels and resorts are all about.

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