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I Don’t Have Any Money to Invest Right Now; Where Do I Begin, and How Do I Begin?

I did not invest in property for many years even though I was involved in construction from a very young age.

photo of a man wearing a green construction suit in a property site looking concerned and worries

After leaving school at the age of 15 and going to work straight away onto a building site, I was in the mix of all of this property investment going on without a clue of how it really worked.

I was on a building site one day talking to the owner's son. We were building nine houses in a place called Groby in Leicestershire.

He asked me, “You are pretty good at this job, why don’t you do this for yourself?”

I replied, “Well you need money to make money right?”

“Yes, you are right “

He confirmed at that time that it was a false belief, that I needed money to make money. Many people are always asking me how to get started. But there are even more people that don’t even ask the question because they don’t think they can get started, because they don’t have “enough money” to compete with what they see as the property developer millionaires.

Even the people that start to make a move don’t carry on that move long enough to make anything work.

It was only when I saw an advert that I could invest in property using none of my own money. I thought to myself that I’m going to go to the training because I was intrigued partly by the other side, I wanted to just make sure that it was bullshit and I had not been missing something all over these years.

But sure enough, I got there and it seemed like it was possible to do. I’ve got some training on how to work out these numbers and sure enough it’s stacked up.

Once I started on this journey, there were lots of people who had been doing this for a long time and it still hadn’t gotten any results so then the skepticism started to kick in. Luckily at the time, I was having personal coaching as well that helped me stay accountable and keep moving forward in growing this business.

It was at that point the first deal was accepted. There is a longer version to this it may be if we cross paths one day in the Real life community and at some point you will hear about. But ultimately, what happened from there was a massive explosion.

Not only did we build a property portfolio of over 4 1/2 million in the first 18 months with zero of our money, we then went on to do over £16 million worth of property deals within the first three years. And through the shared demand of people and assistance, I put my other business to one side and started helping people in the property investing sector.

It turned out that my experience in business with a combination of higher property investing works was an ultimate success formula. Most people who invest in property without the business experience tend to not really make that much money if any at all.

The people that we’ve helped in real life over the last five years has totally transformed the property training industry as well as thousands of peoples lives

And I think we’re just scratching the surface.

There’s always a reason not to do something. In fact, there’s probably millions of them but when that person who is using these reasons of why not to do something finds that one reason for why to do it…boom!

That’s when that decision has created a new trajectory of life for not just that person but their entire family and everybody around them.

I hope if that’s not already happened for you and it comes very soon.

Yours Truly, Mark Harvey


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